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Enhanced ATAK Mesh Radio Node

Enhanced ATAK Mesh Radio Node

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Using the same mesh radio technology as our original Meshtastic ATAK node, this enhanced version includes a display and buttons allowing direct control of the radio and up-to-the-second information on its status.

With one 18650 battery, you can communicate using text messages or the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) for multiple days depending on your usage, at ranges up to several kilometers. A built-in GPS keeps your team updated with your position. The integrated display shows information about the radio and its status within the Meshtastic® network, including the currently configured channel, GPS satellite lock condition, battery charge, and more.

This radio interfaces with an Android device over Bluetooth, and requires you to install an application on your phone to use. The radio itself is pre-programmed and ready to go out of the box once you add an 18650 battery (not included).

Due to the added display and user interface, this node is not as water-resistant as our original, fully sealed radio.

For the CASE ONLY option, please note that about 5-10% of the boards provided by Lilygo pre-soldered have screens that are slightly offset. The board will still fit, but the window will be misaligned with the screen by about 3-5mm.

For larger quantities or to place a back order, please contact us.

A portion of all sales are contributed to the Meshtastic project. Libre Tactical is not associated with or endorsed by Meshtastic LLC.

Meshtastic® is a registered trademark of Meshtastic LLC. Meshtastic software components are released under various licenses, see GitHub for details. No warranty is provided - use at your own risk.

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